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Church St. Nicholas of Bari and St. Peter Martyr

Iglesia de San Nicolás

The church of San Nicolas de Bari and San Pedro Mártir is the so-called »Sistine Chapel of Valencia», Gianluigi Colalucci himself carried out the restoration works of the church. This lord is the one who restored the true Sistine Chapel! It is when he sees it finished when he decides to baptize it as such.

Little has to do with the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, as the Church of St Nicholas is completely dressed in its Baroque interior. It has almost 2000 square meters.

Outside it is a very common Gothic church, but when we enter it it is when we are surprised.

It is the best example of living together in a 15th century Gothic temple with 17th century Baroque decoration found in the city of Valencia.

But let us return to the beginning of the founding of Valencia, in Roman times, as this temple has a lot of history.

The church is located in an area that during the time of Valentia Edetanorum, this was extra walled area and therefore was close to cemeteries area.

The first building of a temple was made in the time of King James I, the king who conquers the city of Balansiya, after the reconquest he donated the place to the Dominicans who accompanied him.

It is the Dominicans who dedicate the temple to the patron saint of the order, St. Nicholas, thus erecting one of the first churches in the city, in the middle of the 13th century.

Antonio Palomino visits Valencia, leaving his mark on the Cathedral, the Basilica and other churches including St. Nicholas.
Together with his Valencian disciple, Dionís Vidal, they carried out these impressive baroque frescoes in 1700.

They covered the Gothic vaults, pillars and walls with scenes from the life of St. Nicholas of Bari and St. Peter Martyr, along with allegories of the virtues in risky scorches.

Unfortunately the church has been heavily punished, during the Spanish civil war it was looted and many of its chapels were destroyed. Besides this, the ventilation has not been optimal for the maintenance of the frescoes, because the candles the frescoes had darkened thus losing all the light and color.

Inside we can see some 15th century altarpieces of Gothic style, mostly by the Valencian painter: Juan de Juanes.

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