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We have just launched our website and we cannot choose a better theme than the one we have in March.

In this entry we leave you the calendar of failed events (below).

The Fallasbegin on the last Sunday of February, making the pregón from the Torres de Serranos, this pregón is known as the cridá, all the falleros and falleras (and valencianos and valencianas!). they gather to start the festivities with an afternoon full of joy.

From this moment on, falleros events, mid-day mascletás, night mascletás, streetwalks, bands of music, horseback riding of the ninot… and in the week of February 15th to 19th the festivals of failures is when they have their peak.

The night of March 15 is the plantá.

In Valencia there are more than 350 failed houses, and each casal plant 2 faults, one child and one of the adult commission, both (and all, more than 700) will burn on the night of March 19, the day of San José, patron of the carpenters.

Feasts as such begin in 1920, but this tradition of burning a bonfire comes from much earlier.

In the 17th century the carpenters’ workshops took to the streets the old trastos that did not serve to beat them fire, a way of breaking away from the past to start a new year.

If you want to know more about the topic, know all the events that are done in this period, the meanings of each thing, do not miss our Fallas Tour, also we will enter inside a fault.

Fallas Event Calendar


  • 09:00 Plantá of all child fallas
  • 14:00 Mascletá Plaza Ayuntamiento (Zarzoso pyrotechnics)
  • 17:00 Closing Ninot Exhibition
  • 17:30 Reading the popular verdict and proclaiming the ‘Ninot Indultat’ of 2019
  • 17:45 Collection of the ninots indultats
  • 00:00 Night Pyrotechnic Show (night mascletá in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento)


  • 08:00 The Plantá of all fallas
  • 14:00 Mascletá Plaza del Ayuntamiento by Pirotecnia Caballer
  • 16:30 Award-sharing in the grandstand of The Town Hall Square
  • During the afternoon the awards of the fallas will be read. The special section ones can be known from 21:00 hours.
  • 00:00 Fireworks on Paseo de la Alameda (former riverbed Turia)


09:00 Distribution of the prizes obtained from the fallas. By sections.

14:00 Mascletá in Plaza Ayuntamiento

15:30 Beginning of the offering of flowers to the Virgin María de los Desamparados.


  • 15:30 h.: Quart de Poblet – Xirivella
  • 17:00 h.: Jesús
  • 18:15 h.: Mislata
  • 19:30 h.: Creu Coberta
  • 20:45 h.: Pilar – Sant Francesc
  • 21:45 h.: Patraix
  • 23:00 h.: La Seu – El Mercat
  • 23:30 h.: Botanic – La Petxina
  • 00:30 h.: Casas Regionales
  • 00:40 h.: Juntas Locales
  • 00:50 h.: Falla José Mª Bayarri – Los Isidros
  • 00:55 h.: Fallera mayor infantil de València y corte de honor


  • 15:30 h.: Camins al Grau
  • 17:15 h.: Russafa A
  • 18:15 h.: Russafa B
  • 19:00 h.: Pla del Reial – Benimaclet
  • 20:45 h.: Canyamelar – Grao – Nazaret
  • 21:45 h.: La Xerea
  • 22:15 h.: Rascanya

01:00 hours Fireworks on the Paseo de la Alameda


10:30 hours Tribute to the poet Maximyly Thous, at the crossroads of the streets of Sagunto and Maximyla Thous.

12:00 Tribute to Maestro Serrano, Avenida Reino de Valencia

14:00 Mascleta (Pirotecnia Valenciana)

15:30 continues the offering of flowers


  • 15:30 h.: Benicalap
  • 16:45 h.: Campanar
  • 17:45 h.: La Roqueta – Arrancapins
  • 19:15 h.: Olivereta
  • 21:00 h.: La Saïdia
  • 22:30 h.: El Carme
  • 23:15 h.: Casas Regionales y entidades invitadas
  • 00:45 h.: Falla Barrio de San José
  • 00:55 h.: Fallera mayor de València y corte de honor


  • 15:30 h.: Quatre Carreres
  • 17:00 h.: Pla del Remei – Gran Via
  • 18:15 h.: Benimamet- Burjassot – Beniferri
  • 20:00 h.: Malvarrosa – Cabanyal – Beteró
  • 21:15 h.: Algiros
  • 22:15 h.: Poblats Al Sud

01:30 Fireworks (Nit de Foc) to the Paseo de la Alameda, on the old riverbed of the Turia River- (Pirotecnia Ricasa – Ricardo Caballer)

Last day of the faults and nit de la cremà


  • 11:00. On the bridge of San José, the Major Falleras of Valencia and their Courts of Honor will make an offering of flowers in front of the image of the patriarch with the special collaboration of the Falla Doctor Olóriz-Archbishop Fabián y Fuero. At the end of the act, mascletà.
  • 12:00. Mass in honor of San José in the Seu of Valencia, officiated by the Archbishop of Valencia, Archbishop Antonio Cañizares, offered by Junta Central Fallera and the Guild of Carpinteros, with the assistance of the Major Falleras of Valencia and their Courts of Honor.
  • 14:00 Last mascletá in the Town Hall Square by him Famous Ricardo Caballer
  • 19:00 Horseback riding the Foc along Colon Street, from Ruzafa Street to Puerta de la Mar Square.
  • 22:00 cremá of the infantile fallas.
  • 22:30 cremá of the child’s fallas that has won the first prize.
  • 23:00 cremá of the children’s falla of the town hall.
  • 00:00 cremá of all fallas
  • 00:30 cremá of the fault that won the first prize of the special section
  • 01:00 Air fires in the town hall square and cremà of the municipal falla.

END OF THE FESTIVITIES. We hope you enjoy them, as they are unique, for everyone and UNESCO.