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24 hours between the most beautiful towns: Dénia and Jávea

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Valencia is surrounded by sea and mountains. Nature melts at your feet to offer a wide range of possibilities to do every day. And not only that, you will find the most beautiful and picturesque towns in its surroundings.

If you are in the city, and you have time, do not hesitate to take aroute to Alicante: its beaches are the best in the Valencian Community.

Getaway near Valencia: Dénia and Jávea, the jewels of Alicante

On the Alicante coast you can find wonderful coves, mixed with mountain massifs through which to make great hiking trails.
And just one hour from Valencia you will find two of the most beautiful towns on the entire Mediterranean coast: Denia and Jávea.

Today we propose anexpress route, for those who do not have much time, but also expandable: ”hey, if you are comfortable, I would stay more days!”

Well, we are going to tell you about the essential places in Denia and Jàvea and why we believe they are the ideal couple for a getaway.

One complements the other

We really like to say that they complement each other, and that is that they fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.
One is calm, another is lively, one has the most hidden coves, another the most beautiful port, one is more expensive, another cheaper, and so on.

Jàvea, the Ibiza of the peninsula

Jàvea has the most Ibizan coves, with crystal clear turquoise water and dreamlike landscapes. To access the coves you have to walk and take a short tour of the mountain, as they are hidden in the cliffs.

The promenade is beautiful, calm, elegant. It eats well, although at a higher price than its neighbor Denia.

Both towns are divided by the Montgó, one of the highest mountains near the sea that you will find.

Villa Dora

the wonder village

If you get to the promenade of Jávea, on the main beach ”el Arenal” and going up a bit towards the mountain, there is a hidden house called: Villa Dora: paradise for those who want absolute tranquility.

It has views of the entire bay of Jàvea, but at the same time it is surrounded by pine trees and at a considerable height to get away from the crowd.

Composed of 9 rooms and decorated with objects from other times, it transports you to a paradisiacal island of the 60s: your problems end when you cross the main door. And at the same time you will feel at home, the treatment is very close and the owner, Heidi, is an adorable person who will make your stay as warm and comfortable as possible.

In the upper part, the living rooms, chill area, kitchen, and dining area. (breakfast there is TOP)
At the bottom, swimming pool and suites with private terrace, spectacular.

Once we settled in this refuge for the soul, we went to Denia to eat.

Food among the green of the orchards

To get to Denia you have to go by car and it takes about 15/20 minutes. But beware! It is a beautiful route because you have to cross the Montgó and go down to the bay, the views are amazing.
We decided to go to a mythical place for its cocas: PontSec.

It is located on the orchard paths on the outskirts of Denia, an ideal place to eat on the terrace on a sunny day.

Famous for its orchard and its cocas, at PontSec you will get almost everything you ask for and at a good price.
They have the orchard right next to the restaurant, you can go and see it.

The cocas mix lifelong tradition with the modern: the chefs continually test their flours to create better and better doughs and combine cocas with ingredients such as sardines, a classic, with other sobrassada and honey or cheese goat with spinach and pine nuts.

But in addition, the rice dishes and fideuàs are a scandal, and they have a grill where they cook all kinds of meat and fish.

It is a traditional place, which uses quality ingredients and grandmother’s recipes combined with an avant-garde touch.

Coca is a queen of the house, and they make them both sweet and savory: it is also worth trying the chocolate one, they put it with coarse salt and oil. A real explosion of flavor!

Starting from the left: coca de sobrassada and honey, chard and prawns, onion and tuna, escalivada and tuna.

The romantic Denia

After a good meal, it is best to wash it down with a digestif or gin and tonic, so we headed straight to the promenade to enjoy the sun, walk around and digest the feast.

The port of Denia is sporty, beautiful and quiet. Full of color, palm trees and beach bars where you can have a drink. It’s nice to take a walk, while you contemplate the Montgó on your right, so imposing.
One of the most emblematic places is Mala Vita: decorated with detail, lights, background music and the sea at your feet.

The next stop: the old town. We had not said anything about it, but it is not far behind the port: Denia is a super complete city, which combines more traditional and historical places, with modern areas and wild nature. Going for a walk around the old town when the afternoon begins to fall is ideal.

The houses of the old town are the classic ones of the Valencia area, two-story and colorful, similar to the Cabañal neighborhood of Valencia.

It is full of restaurants and bars and most of them are not that they are good, it is that they are VERY GOOD! Gastronomy is undoubtedly its strong point: fresh fish from the market, good rice dishes, cocas… nothing fails.

And you can also visit its castle and wander around discovering little hippy shops, picturesque houses and authentic bars.

To finish, we went throughthe Magazinos, which is an area with food stalls from all over the world and they organise cultural events.The atmosphere is very good and you can continue having tapas.

In short, the two towns have a leisure offer for one day, two, three and a week if you want. Here we leave you the essentials in case you decide to stay longer:

Port of Denia

AHHH and don’t forget to take a route through the Montgó Natural Park.

You cannot miss Jávea

-Granadella beach
-Tangó beach
-Ambolo beach
-El Portitxol beach
-Blanca beach
-Moraig beach
-Llebeig beach and the Route of the Cliffs

You cannot miss Denia

Photo gallery, 24 hours between Dénia and Jàvea: gastronomy, Mediterranean sea, peace and lots of love.

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