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Welcome September: 7 ideas to never get bored in Valencia


That August is over, it can mean several things…

For many, the end of their vacation; for others, the beginning of theirs; back to school; a drop in temperatures (hopefully ?), and the time to plan the goals for this new stage of work.

When you start creating your action plan, Have you remembered to take time for yourself? Continue enjoying leisure as if it were summer?

It is very important to continue pampering ourselves and having fun even though the time when ‘anything goes’ is over: it is not the end of our free time, we must continue making plans.

So we propose ‘cool’ ideas for this end of summer.


1. Breathe in the best hiking trails in the Valencian Community


Garbí viewpoint – www.lasprovincias.com

The Valencian Community is one of the regions of Spain that has it all: from endless sandy beaches, and dunes, to coves hidden in cliffs; big cities; picturesque villages, and incredible mountain routes.

Here we leave you a lot of ideas (and there are still many more) so that you can enjoy like nobody else the natural wonders that the area offers us…

  • Route of the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla
  • The Red Route of the Serra d’Irta, beautiful coves
  • The Roman Aqueduct of Peña Cortada, in the small town of Calles
  • Route of the Three Waterfalls of Anna or Route of the Gorgos
  • Route of the cliffs of Benitatxell, the sea at your feet
  • La Cortada Path – “Cavanilles Path”
  • The Forat d´Àfrica, the Refrigerator of the Pla de la Casa and the Cim of the Pla de la Casa
  • The Chelva Water Route
  • Ascent to Mondúver from Xeresa
  • The Garbí Canal (Serra Calderona)
  • The Benicadell from Beniatjar
  • The Serpis Greenway, also ideal for cycling
  • The Dehesa del Saler, Natural Park of l’Albufera
  • The ascent of the Picaio
  • The Albir Lighthouse Route, Serra Gelada Natural Park

If you are looking for advice or for someone to accompany you, click here

2. Discover the largest navigable underground river in Europe


The interior of the Caves of San José

It is a natural beauty that cannot go unnoticed, its origin is not yet known.

Navigating through its dark and beautiful passageways full of figures, stalactites and other natural formations will leave you speechless.

It is also a good plan to take the children and get to know other areas of Valencia and learn speleology, in short, everyone enjoys it here.

Also, those who have been said that there is a surprise inside!

Are you coming to find out?

Find out when there are excursions, and immerse yourself in its mysteries

3. Get lost in the coolest markets


Vinyls in a flea market

In September there is still a lot of movement in the city and the desire to do things and never return home…
Here we leave you some of the markets that are going to hit the most this month:

  • FLEA MARKET Valencia, is an authentic alternative market where you can find all kinds of bargains and curious artifacts, don’t miss it!
  • Mercado de Tapinería, AL VENT + LES TENDETES, markets dedicated to small merchants who are also committed to the principles of sustainability, unique things, handmade and with a lot of love.
  • Medieval Market in Benimaclet, the atmosphere of the Benimaclet neighborhood is equal to good vibes, and the medieval market that they set up every year in the area of their particular ‘old town’ is very worthwhile! (from 15 to 18 of September)

4.- Conquer the castle of Xátiva

From its heights, you will feel like the queen/king of the world…

Will not leave you indifferent:
Through its streets, they passed from the Iberians to the Greeks, through the Phoenicians to the Romans, but it reached its greatest splendor in the Muslim era.
Lineage of culture and knowledge, cradle of the Borja Popes and the one that saw the birth of the son of Aníbal Barca.

Do you want to know more about its history? Click here
Or get to know it first hand! ?


5.-Disconnect and connect with music in the gardens of the City of Arts and Sciences

”A lake of concerts” synonymous with live performances, free and outdoors. What more could you want?

A perfect afternoon plan in which to disconnect and enjoy good music. From the hand of the students of the Berklee campus who will be the main artists and will perform concerts of jazz, rock, funk, Latin music, soul, pop, R&B…

Write down!

  • September 2022, at 7:00 p.m.: Friday 2, Friday 23 and Friday 30.
  • October 2022, at 7:00 p.m. each concert: Friday 7 and Friday 14.

?In the City of Arts and Sciences, the door of the Science Museum.


City of Arts and Sciences

And if you want to explore the area of the Turia gardens in a different way, take a look here

6.- Discover the most hidden secrets of Valencia ✨, with your friends, co-workers, or family

Since we are talking about September and back to the routine, what better way to start than organizing a meeting with old and new co-workers?

There is always something to discover about the city, and if it is your first time, why not try to get to know it in a different way?

We propose something that will break your schemes: a tour based on different challenges and tests that will make you get to know Valencia like never before and put yourself to the test.
Bring your co-workers and spend a different afternoon, fun, outdoors, to remember. ❤️ Surely you will not only discover things about the city… you will also get to know each other better.

Click here to know more

7.- Treat yourself: get to know Utiel-Requena, the cradle of Bobal wine

Just 40 minutes from the city of Valencia, we find the towns of Utiel and Requena, the two main enclaves for the production of wine in the area: the Bobal variety.

Denomination of origin with more than 2700 years of history!

The archaeological sites found in this D.O. guarantee the production of wine and its uninterrupted marketing from the Iberian era to the present.

They are also in the process of preparing the candidacy to get the territory of the D.O. Utiel-Requena become a UNESCO World Heritage Site: both for its incredible antiquity, for its continuity throughout the centuries, and for its unique indigenous variety BOBAL.

Here you can make a very nice getaway and where you will discover the essence of Valencian wine: Excursion to Requena wineries

And so far our ideas for this September, although if you keep wanting more…

Here you will find experiences in Valencia

And if you want a romantic plan… we help you give your partner a dream day, find out here

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