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Autumn in Valencia: the 8 + 1 plans that you cannot miss

Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias

We are entering one of those times of the year of transition, it is as if we were on a boat trip and we had already passed the most agitated part, the hurricane, and now we only have calm seas, the passage of an intense summer, to the quiet of autumn.

But the city does not stop for a second, and this month, Valencia is more alive than ever, as World Design Capital, it has an agenda full of plans that you cannot miss to enjoy it to the fullest.

Valencia, more alive than ever


1. Culture, music and free performances fill the streets of Valencia 


street circus show

October is the month of music, colour, circus, spectacle, and movement.
The city is full of things to do, we don’t stop. And it brings culture and art to the street, and for everyone!
So stay tuned for what’s to come…

  • Cultura als barris

Every weekend until November you can find free dance, theatre, music and all kinds of leisure and cultural activities in a different neighborhood of the city.

Here you can see all the programming

  • Valencirc

From September 30 to October 16, the streets of the city will be filled with free circus shows and most of them to be enjoyed outdoors.

Here you can follow all the performances

And if you want to keep falling in love with the city?

– A la carte experiences in Valencia

– Discover the most beautiful streets of Valencia

– What is the most famous street in VLC?

2. The City of Arts and Sciences becomes the STAR WARS universe 

If the City of Arts and Sciences was already impressive, how can it be turned into the world of Star Wars?

This October 22, the largest parade of Star Wars characters IN THE WORLD is organized.

If you are in the city, you have to come to see it.

And if you come later, don’t worry, here are some ideas to get to know the buildings that have become the symbol of Valencia.

– Bike route through the Turia river park

– Private Arts and Sciences Tour


City of Arts and Sciences

3. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss: the Valencian Sistine Chapel

Valencia has its own Sistine Chapel. And it is not for less: more than 2000 meters of frescoes fill the Church of San Nicolás, the best example of coexistence between the Gothic and the Baroque, dating from the 13th century.
Let yourself be surprised by its contrasts, its paintings that are true works of art, and the exciting stories that are hidden behind its walls.

Art lovers, click here! ?


The interior of the Church of Saint Nicholas

4. One of the most iconic parks in the city reopens: Gulliver Park!

In the gardens of the River Turia, now converted into the green lung of Valencia that runs through the entire city, we can find the Palau de la Música, the City of Arts and Sciences, gardens and fountains… but also the Gulliver Park.

Do you remember Gulliver’s Adventures? Well, this amazing park represents the moment when Gulliver arrives in Lilliput, a place where the inhabitants are tiny, and is tied up by the Lilliputians who fear that the giant will attack them.

So we can see Gulliver in his gigantic size.

Children, and not so children, can play in Gulliver’s world: visitors become the little inhabitants of Lilliput and can play all over his body, shoes, hat… which is full of passageways, slides and hiding places! hilarious!

Do not miss one of the obligatory visits of October in the city.


Gulliver Park from above

6. Agroecological fair in the land of bobal wine: the beauty of Utiel-Requena in autumn

The Bobal wine variety is born less than 1 hour from Valencia and has its denomination of origin in the province of Utiel Requena.

Beautiful now in the fall, when everything turns a chalkier tone, it opens its first agroecological fair, from October 21 to 23, to publicize the local products of the area.

And it is that few know him but this D.O. Utiel-Requena has more than 2700 years of history, already in the time of the Iberians they made the wine we know today.
A wine that you have to try if you come to Valencia.

Here we leave you the most representative wineries:

– Half-day excursion to wineries and tasting in the vineyard

– Excursion to Requena wineries

7. Excursions just 1 hour from Valencia 

Valencia is surrounded by mountains, green, vineyards where one of the oldest wines in the world grows, and hidden towns that have many stories to tell.
Take advantage of the October weather, with blue and sunny skies but lower temperatures, to visit the essential places around Valencia:


Peniscola from above

8. The most idyllic place in Valencia: live a dream sunset

In autumn we see how the colors of nature that surrounds us begin to change, the leaves fall and the rice fields of the Albufera have already been mowed, with which many birds go out to eat the grains of rice that have been scattered on the ground.

The Park is filled with red fruits that, with the arrival of autumn, appear to feed the blackbird, the robin and the more than 300 birds that inhabit the area.

And is that, the Albufera Natural Park is an idyllic place where animals can spend any season of the year.

Its lakes, its infinite rice fields, beaches full of dunes, and picturesque boats make it a special place, unique in the entire peninsula.

Discover its history, breathe fresh air just 15 minutes from Valencia, discover its peculiar ecosystem and let yourself be dazzled by seeing how the sun melts into one of the most beautiful sunsets you can see in Valencia.

That is why the Arabs called it: the mirror of the sun.

Boat ride and sunset in the Albufera


Albufera Sunset

(+1) It is celebrated on October 9 in Valencia: it is the day of the Valencian Community and there are acts and celebrations from the 1st of the month

Here you have all the programming

This has only just begun. Live the month of October without missing a single detail of the warm and welcoming city of the Turia.

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