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If you come to Valencia, you have to do at least one of these things! *November edition*


The city of Valencia has a lot to offer, and now that it is the World Capital Design, every day there are hundreds of different events to enjoy to the fullest.

But apart from that, there are places that are essential, places and customs that transmit the essence of the city.

Here we go! Take notes…

1.- Know the 3 most emblematic buildings of the city

It is fundamental to enter and be surprised by the interior of the 3 most important buildings in Valencia:

La Lonja de la Seda, a Gothic masterpiece; The Church of San Nicolás, called the Valencian Sistine Chapel; The Cathedral of Santa Maria, where the Holy Grail is hidden.

Each site has its why, its secrets and an architecture that will leave you breathless.

Here you can find out how to meet them


Inside la Lonja de la Seda

2.- See the most beautiful sunset in Valencia

The best sunset in Valencia, without a doubt, is in the Albufera Natural Park: a unique, idyllic spot, surrounded by rice fields, beaches with dunes, more than 300 types of birds, lakes and the most beautiful viewpoints.

 If you get on a boat to see the sunset from the heart of the lake, you will understand what we say…  you will fall in love.

Get to know the Albufera Natural Park


Albufera Natural Park

3.-Know the mysteries that hide the Caves of San José

Just 45 minutes from Valencia we find the longest navigable underground river in Europe.
And it is that neither its origins are known (we cannot calculate exactly when it was formed) nor do we know its exact length, because the end has not yet been reached.
It is a unique experience as it makes you discover a new place very close to Valencia, you will enter the center of the earth and learn about speleology and history.

Very funny and with a surprise at the end of the tour…
Here you can find out how to go


Inside San José Caves

4.-See one of these 3 exhibitions

  • Andy Warhol  ”Super pop” more than 100 works by Andy Warhol
  • Jaime Hayon  ”Infinitamente” knows the personal universe of Jaime Hayon and his creative process
  • Joaquín Sorolla ”La edad dichosa” a journey through Sorolla’s childhood

Andy Warhol’s artwork

5.-Get lost in one of the towns that surround Valencia

  • Xàtiva discover the most important castle of the Kingdom of Valencia
  • Morella and Peñíscola two of the most beautiful towns in Spain
  • Sagunto Its history and the imprint of the Roman Empire
  • Requena Cradle of bobal wine


6.-Live a flamenco night

What would you say if I told you that there are flamenco shows for only €18? Where can you live an intense performance with dancing, singing and passion?
Well, in Cabañal we have a family ”tablao” that will make your hair stand on end.
We propose a plan: enjoy the flamenco show (from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) and have a snack at ”Bodega Anyora” afterwards.

All information here


Flamenco show

7.- Enjoy a concert in the Marina of Valencia

La Marina de Valencia, is the headquarters of Valencia as the World Capital of Tourism and has a lot to offer:
From an incredible gastronomic offer, to the Veles e Vents building where events are organized with 360-degree views of the port, areas for sports (whether on the water or on land) to concerts every Saturday morning at the Pérgola.

Music, fresh air, vitamin D and good company. To then go to enjoy the gastronomy of the Cabañal in ”Casa Montaña”, ”Ca La Mar’‘, ”La Revoltosa’‘ or ”Bodega l’Aldeana”.

Here you have all the information


La Pérgola – Visitvalencia.com

8.- Enjoy an authentic Valencian ”almuerzo”

You cannot come to Valencia and not try an authentic Valencian almuerzo.

Is not a breakfast, neither a lunch. Is something that happen between both.

What is? Well, a centuries-old tradition that arose as a result of the hard days in the orchard, which required great physical effort and getting up very early.
In the middle of the morning (between 9 and 12 o’clock) the workers enjoyed the “esmorzaret” made up of: peanuts, olives and pickles + a sandwich, sometimes XXL + beer or wine with soda + cremaet.

Fin out the best recommendations and the full story here
Click here to see the ”esmorzaret map” where you can find the best places to eat an ”almuerzo” around Valencia city and all the Valencian Community.


Valencian almuerzo

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